Engage Through Events

In today’s business landscape, traditional marketing and public relations are no longer sufficient.  Today’s consumers expect to be “shown" through experiences instead of “told" through print campaigns.  Events are a critical component in your toolbox of building and reinforcing your customer base.

Here are our tips for laying the groundwork to make an impact through engagement marketing…

Determine the goals of your event

Whether you want to boost media exposure or establish a relationship with prospective clients, the planning process will revolve around the purpose of the event. Like any business venture, maximize your return on investment by aligning your event strategy and budget allocation with your goals. 

Know your audience

Your invitation list should reflect the goals of your event and your message and theme should be tailored to your audience.  The event details and logistics will trickle down from this central strategy.

Develop a clear message

An event's central message is like a company’s mission statement.  Variety keeps the audience engaged, but too much diversion from the message yields confusion instead of a connection.  The message may stem from a broader marketing strategy or as a response to consumer needs.

Conceptualize a theme

The “theme” may be communicated as a tagline, environment, activity or a combination of these elements.  

Integrate your brand

When investing in a consumer relationship, your brand should be synonymous with the central message.  The event is your vehicle for communicating the message and showcasing your brand.  When guests reflect on your event, their memories should spark favorable thoughts or sentiments about your brand.

Coordinate logistics

Establish a team of vendors who have a clear understanding of your goals, audience, message and theme, then coordinate logistics that integrate the event components and timeline seamlessly.