Budget-Friendly Caterers

Catering can be a big expense when it comes to putting together an event. Whether it's a giant wedding or a small family gathering, sometimes you just don't have the budget to provide a gourmet meal. Fear not, friends. There are options that don't involve Costco or casseroles cooked by your mom's friend! Below you'll find some of our favorite budget-friendly caterers.

1. Taziki's - Our friends at Taziki's recently invited us to a catering open house where they showcased their culinary skills. While you may think of this restaurant as your go-to quick lunch spot, you'd be pleasantly surprised by their unique array of beautiful (and extremely delicious) catering displays!


2. Martin's BBQ - Whether you're looking for a few platters of BBQ for friends and family or a food truck for those larger events, Martin's is a fantastic option. Not only is their food absolutely outstanding, but you might even get lucky enough to meet Pat Martin himself. Overall, Martin's gets an A+. 


3. Chipotle - Fresh and easy Mexican food. What could be better?!?! One added perk about ordering catering from Chipotle is the turnkey service. Forks, knives, napkins, plates, chafing dishes? They've got you covered. Gracias, Chipotle. 


4. Whole Foods - Now, we know what you're thinking. "Budget-friendly and Whole Foods don't go together!" Trust us, friends. In the case of catering, this is the truth. Especially if you are looking for healthier options (i.e. pizza with veggies on top...our kind of healthy), Whole Foods offers a wide array of options at reasonable prices.