Nashville Event Venue Feature: Aerial

Since we launched A&M Events 3+ years ago, we’ve been drawn to Aerial’s rooftop space overlooking the hustle and bustle of Broadway. The Nashville event venue can accommodate up to 200 people, but still feels intimate for smaller groups. Here are the reasons why we recommend the space to many of our clients with insight from Aerial’s event manager, Kasey Hills:


Location, Location, Location!

A&M Events:  Downtown Nashville always draws a crowd, but Aerial sets clients above the crowds yet in the middle of the action. From the patio, guests draw from the energy of Broadway while enjoying the perks of a private event space.

Kasey Hills:  The proximity to Broadway’s famous Honky Tonks draws clients to the space because they want to offer their guests a uniquely Nashville experience, which they are able to achieve with Aerial. The 360-degree view and ability to be outside on a patio in downtown Nashville is the icing on the cake.  With Aerial being such a prime downtown location the space really speaks for itself, so in terms of theme most client keep it very simplistic.


Indoor & Outdoor Options

A&M:  Our clients consistently request event venues with indoor and outdoor options.  While this criterion often pushes groups outside of downtown, Aerial is among a handful of venues that offer this in conjunction with proximity to downtown. Not only does this provide options to our clients, the layout breaks up the space nicely. Groups can enjoy cocktails outside, dinner inside, then entertainment on the patio, while maintaining accessibility to the well-stocked bar from all angles.

KH:  Whenever I tour a client around Aerial, their comments are always the same – “I’ve never seen anything like this”, and “This view is amazing!” Aerial is unique in not only it’s ability to offer both indoor and outdoor space, but its location and view are unprecedented too.



A&M:  From a bourbon trail themed event to a glamorous corporate dinner, our events at Aerial are always seamless and stunning! Throughout the planning process, the staff makes you feel as if your event is the other item on the to do list. During the event, the space looks as if it was constructed for your group. All around, our clients always walk away delighted.

KH:  With Aerial being essentially a blank canvas, pretty much any event will work in the space. Though it may seem daunting to plan an event from essentially the ground up, we have amazing vendors who have worked in the space time and time again, and are intimately familiar with what does and doesn’t work there. Because of this, it truly is much easier than it seems to plan and host an amazing, customized event at Aerial.


Recent Upgrades

A&M:  We love event venues that continually move forward and embrace change. Many venues – as well as people and businesses, for that matter – cling to the “if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it” motto, but Aerial is always fresh, clean and current.

KH:  We just finished a facelift at Aerial at the beginning of 2015. We renovated the patio outside, repainted the interior and retooled a lot of the back of house space to make it easier for our staff and vendors to work within the space, which in turn makes each event more enjoyable for our clients and their guests.

Communication Ensures Logistics

A&M:  By maintaining close communication throughout the planning phase, we have no doubts that we’re on the same page as the Aerial team when set-up begins. The quality of their coordination is consistent with the other reputable Strategic Hospitality (the parent company behind Aerial) brands. The only issue we’ve experienced is the limited number of restroom stalls, but this is only a challenge for larger groups.

KH:  We are limited in that we do not have a catering kitchen on site, but we’ve hosted everything from concerts to bar/bat mitzvahs, business meetings to wedding ceremony and receptions.  All of our preferred caterers are familiar enough with the space to execute any client’s request.