Event Trends: Retro Resurge

From fashion (welcome back, overalls) and music (glad we held onto you, vinyl) to food (that ice-cream truck jingle still gives us butterflies) and entertainment (have you seen the new Star Wars trailer?), we’re knee deep in a retro resurge! The trend has seeped into the events industry as well. Here are a few ideas for engaging the nostalgic side of your colleagues or customers:


Diner Takeover

Break out the leather jackets and poodle skirts! Rent out a diner and keep the jukebox tunes and milkshakes flowing. Add an extra twist and have the company executives strap on rollerblades and run (or rather, “roll") the food to tables. 


Drive-In DIY 

Set-up your own drive-in in the office parking lot or rent out your local drive-in movie theater. Be sure to pack a cooler full of cold brews and cokes (in a glass bottle, of course).


Barbershop & Shoeshine Pop-up

Hire a local barber and shoeshine to set-up shop in your office for the day. 


Airstream Trailer

Deck out an Airstream Trailer as a mobile break room or cocktail bar. Invite your employees an excuse to get outside and enjoy the spring weather while it’s still around.


Polaroid Pictures

Bring in a few props and a polaroid photographer to capture some office or happy hour fun. You can custom the polaroid film to sync the takeaway with your brand.