Nashville Event Vendor Feature: Bright Event Productions

Event hosts can get so caught up in the linens, chairs, centerpieces, and the other details that they forget to prioritize the lighting levels that set the tone of the space and the lighting fixtures that serve as eye-catching focal points. Strategic and unique lighting introduces a dynamic element to events. Whether splashing an entire room with color using par cans or introducing warmth and personality with their unique fixtures, we trust Bright to propel our event design to the next level! Check out their website here

Be Innovative, Be Vivid, Be Artful, Be Bright.
— Bright Event Productions Motto
 Photo Credit  Joe Hendricks

Photo Credit Joe Hendricks

Full of *Bright* Ideas

A&M Events:  Lights immediately capture the eye, so the impact of event lighting is huge! From classic elegance and art deco to farmhouse rustic and bohemian rocker, Bright has pieces that suit every style and theme. 

Abi Reid, Bright:  We are continuously incorporating new fixtures and ideas into our event lighting designs. I look to home decor to see what will be coming down the pipeline for event trends. Events are typically 1 to 2 years behind the home interior trends. I started noticing a lot of metallic and art deco decor being used in the home, so we decided to source some really awesome metallic fixtures. We now have a collection of 5 different fixtures that have already been proven to be a huge hit this year. Besides our Metallic Collection of lighting fixtures, we have added a collection of Junk Gypsy inspired fixtures, 7’ Gold Torcheires, and our new Renaissance fixtures.


Hands-On Approach

A&M:  From the top down, the Bright staff is hands-on and personally invested in each project. Whether they’re creating custom pieces or pinpointing the best bang for your buck, the Bright team is committed to delivering the best products, design and service for each client. 

AR:  Clint’s dad is a retired machinist who now spends his time working with our team on custom designs and fabrication. We have 2 lathes and a mill in-house that provide us the capability of fabricating some of our own pieces. We are continuously creating solutions to problems that our clients may or may not even know are there. Example: I really despise the look of metal trussing. Metal trussing is not the most aesthetically pleasing to the eye for events like weddings when you are trying to string Italian String Lights over an open space. I wanted to come up with something that fit the decor theme better, so we worked with an engineer to come up with a steel base that fits our 4x4 wooden posts that we stained a darker wood color. Our clients are happily surprised to find out that not only do we supply custom event lighting designs but we can take care of your power, sound, and projection needs as well. We like to say :”If it plugs in, we’ve got you covered!”


Marquee Letters Galore

A&M:  Bright's marquee letters serve as a fantastic focal point that’s full of Nashville flare! Event hosts can use them as directional signage, branding or just a pop of character. We’ve used them to personalize corporate events and weddings alike. Event attendees always flock to the marquee letters as a backdrop for pictures. 

AR:  When Clint and I started the company, we wanted to build and present the “Marquee Letter” trend to the Nashville Event Industry. Yes, you can find and purchase marquee letters and signs, but there was nowhere locally you could rent them for events. Our first letters were L-O-V-E and our first sign was “Bar”. We have continued to add to our inventory of letters and now have the whole alphabet with multiples of some letters. We even have an “&”, a “+”, and a “#”. Our sign department has grown by leaps and bounds as well.  We have gone from having 2 Bar Signs to now a complete inventory of signs including Bourbon, Whiskey, BBQ, Coffee, and Cigar. 

 Photo Credit  Gregory Byerline

Photo Credit Gregory Byerline