5 Must-Read Events Industry Blogs

Well we may not always be the best about keeping up with our blog, but there are some more dedicated folks out there who are! It's SO important to us to keep up with industry news and trends. Check out some of these great resources!


The Meeting Pool - This site focuses primarily on event-related technology - apps, check-in technology, etc. Their condensed style is perfect for the on-the-go reader who just needs the relevant information.

The Velvet Chainsaw - Aside from the giggle-slash-terror inducing title, this blog is full of interesting content. Jeff Hunt curates an impeccable compilation of posts that offer interesting points of view. 

BizBash - The "Holy Grail" in our book, BizBash is a one-stop shop for all of your events industry news. Whether it's sponsor activation at this year's ACL Festival, or new wedding trends in Chicago, this site offers a little bit for everyone.

Conferences That Work -  This site aims to provide "an innovative conference format that reliably builds highly interactive, participant-led events...to create exactly the conference that participants need and want." And we must say, it definitely does this! This site is perfect for the corporate planner who gets burnt out on the same ideas year after year. 

Smart Meetings - On the note of getting burnt out on old ideas, Smart Meetings offers tools for finding speakers or venues. This site helps keep you fresh and on your toes in an ever-changing industry!